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dc.contributor.authorMuslu, Ahmet Mete
dc.contributor.authorÖzlük, Burak
dc.contributor.authorTamdoğan, Enes
dc.contributor.authorArık, Mehmet
dc.descriptionDue to copyright restrictions, the access to the full text of this article is only available via subscription.
dc.description.abstractCommercially available light emitting diodes (LEDs) that have high efficiencies and long lifetime are offered in advanced packaging technologies. Many cooling systems were developed for current LED systems that enable a better removal of heat than counterpart devices offered earlier this decade. On the other hand, these lighting systems are still producing a considerable amount of heat that is still not effectively removed. Especially, p-n junctions of LEDs are the most critical regions where a significant amount of heating occurs, and it is crucial to determine the temperature of this active region to meet the lumen extraction, color, light quality and lifetime goals. In literature, there are some proposed junction temperature measurement methods such as Peak Wavelength Shift, Thermal (Infrared) Imaging and Forward Voltage Change methods mostly focused on blue LEDs. In this study, we are studying three common types of LEDs (Red, Green, and Blue) and comparing their forward voltage drop (Vf) behaviors. A set of theoretical, computational and experimental studies have been performed. It is found that optical power change with temperature in red LEDs are much higher than blue and green chips. The green LED chip experienced the largest slope having the largest change in forward voltage compared to other LED chips.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofThermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (ITherm), 2017 16th IEEE Intersociety Conference on
dc.titleImpact of junction temperature over forward voltage drop for red, blue and green high power light emitting diode chipsen_US
dc.typeConference paperen_US
dc.contributor.departmentÖzyeğin University
dc.contributor.authorID(ORCID 0000-0002-9505-281X & YÖK ID 124782) Arık, Mehmet
dc.contributor.ozuauthorTamdoğan, Enes
dc.contributor.ozuauthorArık, Mehmet
dc.subject.keywordsJunction temperature measurementen_US
dc.subject.keywordsForward voltageen_US
dc.subject.keywordsRGB LEDsen_US
dc.subject.keywordsOptical measurementen_US
dc.subject.keywordsWavelength shiften_US
dc.contributor.ozugradstudentMuslu, Ahmet Mete
dc.contributor.ozugradstudentÖzlük, Burak

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