Date: 27 April 2017
Venue: Ozyegin University
Main Question: What are the Air Cargo & Logistic Strategies for Istanbul Hub?
Seminar organizers: Mehmet Ertürk, Cem Ersöz, Lale Kaplan, Hatice Küçükönal, Luis Martin-Domingo, Özge Peksatıcı, Gülşah Sedefoğlu
General Abstract (summary)
The 3rd Istanbul Hub Seminar discussed the air cargo and logistic strategies in Istanbul when the new airport is open in 2018 including a cargo and logistic centre of 1.4 million m2 and a cargo capacity of 5.5 million tons. The seminar combined a group of speakers from the academia and the industry and involved Ozyegin University students in the preparation.

This third edition of the seminar was held on 27th of April 2017 at Ozyegin University highlighted the importance of digitalization of air cargo when the new Istanbul airport opens at the end of 2018. A large passenger airline with a cargo strategy was reckoned to be important element to develop Istanbul cargo hub and getting ready for new growing markets as e-commerce. Air cargo is growing more in developing countries and that is also something Istanbul needs to take advante from.

Keywords: Ozyegin University, Aviation, Istanbul, Hub, Airport, Air cargo, Logistics strategies

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