Date: 14 April 2016
Venue: Özyeğin University
Main Question: What are the airline strategies for the opening of the new airport in Istanbul?
Seminar organizers: Leyla Adiloğlu, Cem Ersoz, Mehmet Erturk, Lale Kaplan, Luis Martin-Domingo, Özge Peksatıcı
General Abstract (summary)
The 2nd Istanbul Hub Seminar discussed airline strategies for the opening of Istanbul new airport. After Ataturk International Airport (IST – on the European Side of Istanbul) and Sabiha International Airport (SAW – on the Asian side of Istanbul) have been one of the fastest growing airports in the recent years with a combined traffic of 90 Million passengers in 2015 (Source: DHMI). Both airports have reached the limit in capacity and the difficulty of expanding for Ataturk airport made the Turkish Government to define a greenfield airport project. Istanbul new airport continuous its plan to be open in 2018 and aims to become the largest airport in the world with a planned capacity of 150 million passengers.
The concession company of the new airport (IGA) presented during the seminar the latest status and plans with the construction of the new airport. The two largest airlines operating out of Istanbul (Turkish airlines and Pegasus airlines) were sharing their strategies for the new opening. The seminar also included some of the legal implications of the new infrastructure and different examples of airlines strategies from around the world in cities with more than one airport.
Keywords: Ozyegin University, Aviation, Istanbul, Hub, Airport, Airlines, Strategies

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