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dc.contributor.authorWang, S.
dc.contributor.authorAkbaş, Ragıp
dc.contributor.authorDemirci, U.
dc.descriptionDue to copyright restrictions, the access to the full text of this article is only available via subscription
dc.description.abstractOvarian cancer is a leading cause of death from gynecologic cancers in the USA, and early diagnosis can potentially increase 5-year survival rate. Detection of biomarkers derived from hyperplasia of epithelial tissue by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) proves to be a practical way of early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. However, ELISA is commonly performed in a laboratory setting, and it cannot be used in a clinical setting for on-site consultation. We have shown a microchip ELISA that detects HE4, an ovarian cancer biomarker, from urine using a cell phone integrated with a mobile application for imaging and data analysis. In microchip ELISA, HE4 from urine was first absorbed on the surface; the primary and secondary antibodies were subsequently anchored on the surface via immuno-reaction; and addition of substrate led to color development because of enzymatic labeling. The microchip after color development was imaged using a cell phone, and the color intensity was analyzed by an integrated mobile application. By comparing with an ELISA standard curve, the concentration of HE4 was reported on the cell phone screen. The presented microchip ELISA coupled with a cell phone is portable as opposed to traditional ELISA, and this method can facilitate the detection of ovarian cancer at the point-of-care (POC).
dc.publisherSpringer Science+Business Media
dc.relation.ispartofMobile Health Technologies
dc.titleMicrochip ELISA coupled with cell phone to detect ovarian cancer HE4 biomarker in urineen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.contributor.departmentÖzyeğin University
dc.contributor.authorID(ORCID & YÖK ID 181923) Akbaş, Ragıp
dc.contributor.ozuauthorAkbaş, Ragıp
dc.subject.keywordsMicrochip ELISA
dc.subject.keywordsMobile application
dc.subject.keywordsHE4 biomarker

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