Date: 26 March 2015
Venue: Ozyegin University
Main Question: How Istanbul plans to become a major aviation center?
Seminar organizers: Leyla Adiloğlu, Mehmet Ertürk, Luis Martin-Domingo, Özge Peksatıcı
General Abstract (summary)
The seminar discussed about the multi airport hub system of the vibrant city of Istanbul with a combined group of speakers from the academia and the industry. Istanbul is one of the fastest growing air transport markets in the word. Important players are Turkish airlines as the main operator of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, where it holds its hub and is the airline serving the largest number of international destinations in the word. Istanbul second airport Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is the home base of the super low cost carrier Pegasus and hub hub as it connects passengers.
Ataturk International Airport (IST – on the European Side of Istanbul) and Sabiha International Airport (SAW – on the Asian side of Istanbul) have been one of the fastest growing airports in the recent years with a combined traffic of 80,5 Million passengers in 2014 (Source: GDSAA). Both airports are reaching the limit on capacity and the difficulty of expanding Ataturk made the Turkish Government to define a greenfield airport project. Istanbul New Airport is a new airport project already started that aims to become the largest airport in the world with a planned capacity of 150 million passengers.

Recent Submissions

  • Keynote 

    Gençtürk, Esra (Ozyegin University, 2015-03-26)
    The seminar was introduced highlighting the importance of the Air Transport Sector as and strategic sector for Turkey. Also the importance of establishing strong links between business and education, where student get ...
  • The rise of the Turkish Aviation Industry 

    Dursun, M. E. (Özyeğin University, 2015-03-26)
    To have a better understanding of Air Transportation Industry in a specific country, you need to understand the dynamics of this country. Mr. Dursun focuses on Geography, Demographic Characteristics and Economy of Turkey ...
  • Evolution of Istanbul Ataturk Airport as a hub 

    Doğan, G. (Özyeğin University, 2015-03-26)
    TAV Airports Holding has a contract to operate Istanbul Ataturk Airport until 2021 and New Airport is planned to be opened in 2017. Mr. Dogan gives the insights of TAV Airports Company which currently operates 14 airports ...
  • Economic, social and environmental impacts of 3rd airport in Istanbul 

    Durmaz, V. (Özyeğin University, 2015-03-26)
    Ms. Durmaz highlights the importance of Turkey’s Geographic position. She defines the sustainable development and social and economic contribution of Air Transportation Industry to society, Then she answers these questions; ...
  • The Key Airport Challenges 

    Graham, A. (Özyeğin University, 2015-03-26)
    Ms. Graham started with the main reason of airport expansion which is traffic growth and followed by the main expansion options: 1) Expanding existing airport; 2) Building a new airport; and 3) Spreading the traffic in a ...
  • Istanbul New Airport 

    Genç, M. (Özyeğin University, 2015-03-26)
    The CEO of Istanbul New Airport, Mr. Genc Justifies the need of a new airport in Istanbul with latest statistics. He explains the timeline of the project both construction and operation period. The new airport is planned ...
  • Round Table & Discussion 

    Küçükönal, Hatice; Martin-Domingo, Luis (Özyeğin University, 2015-03-26)
    The transition of the actual two airports system (Istanbul Ataturk - IST and Sabiha Gokcen - SAW), with the capacity shortages, into the new airport System (Istanbul New Airport and Sabiha Gokcen) was discussed. The optimal ...

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